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Return to the email argument

More than three years ago, I first wrote (The email argument) about the challenge of managing project-related email. Or, rather, I pointed out that some ‘extranet’ systems, such as [my employer] BIW’s, discourage use of email so that project communications are managed within a self-contained and easily auditable secure repository (see also The email argument …

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The email argument revisited

I keep returning to this topic (see previous post, for example). This time, my post has been prompted by three things: a Union Square press release, a conversation with Sarcophagus’s Jeremy Sainter, and a blog posting by Lars Plougmann linking to the thoughts of a Harvard professor. Taking these in reverse order, Lars writes about …

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The email argument (2)

Further to my discussion of the email challenge in Monday’s post, I read Silicon.com’s leader, Living with info overload, yesterday with interest. It says: "the issue is not only how to monitor digital communications … but also how to search and archive the millions of emails we send and documents we create each day," before …

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The email argument

So ubiquitous has email become that many people cannot imagine working without it. Indeed, it has become such an integral part of everyday corporate life that it has now become widely regarded as business-critical (witness the increasing use of Blackberries and similar devices by those who simply cannot bear to be out of email contact). …

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Should construction dump email?

FieldLens identifies the time-sink that is email and reopens discussion about the role of email in construction projects. “Should the construction industry dump email?” is the provocative title of a blog post by Kelly Lignos Ziv writing for New York-based mobile construction collaboration vendor FieldLens, and it returns to a topic I’ve discussed many times …

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ProjectCentre.net and its “anti-email” approach

Some people love email, others hate it; most us, I suspect, are somewhere in the middle, perhaps wearily accepting its necessity, but wishing they got less of it. And yet we often work with applications that add to our email burden, showering us with numerous notifications and demanding rapid responses. I have blogged several times …

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The email 10-to-1 rule

In A 10-to-1 rule of email based project management, Lars Plougmann neatly demonstrates one of the major problems with email in a project environment. Starting with a ten-strong team, he suggests an important change notified by email could end up with the following result: 9 people read the email 8 people file the email (in …

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From PLM and social media, to AEC design

I have been monitoring conversations about social media among some manufacturing and product lifecycle management (PLM) commentators, and a post by Desktop Engineering‘s Kenneth Wong – What PLM Can Learn from Social Media – has lingered in a browser tab for most of the past two days as I’ve re-read it and pondered it. Kenneth …

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State of the (digital) nation revealed by Ofcom

When I was writing the connectivity section of my book and needing official statistics on the pace of UK broadband adoption, I used Ofcom’s site regularly. Drawing on Ofcom’s Communications Market interim report, today’s Silicon.com article paints a picture of an increasingly internet-savvy UK population embracing broadband (10 million connections!), mobile telephony (though not VOIP …

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Progressclaim targets Aussie CPM market

Progressclaim.com logo

A Google alert brought me news (reported in BRW, and Dynamic Business) of an Australian construction technology start-up, founded in 2011, that is competing in the same kind of market as Textura. Lincoln Easton, CFO of a Melbourne, Australia-based contractor, was apparently only too familiar with the poor book-keeping, arguments, paperwork and threats that resulted from …

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